Monday, April 07, 2014

Jaedyn had learned to Ski. Watch the video

And it really only took her a few times. 
Check it out. 
Props to McKay for taking her and teaching her. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

MBASA Closing Social 2014

Deciding to come to the BYU MBA program was a fairly easy choice since McKay had a scholarship. BUT, he got an almost perfect score so we did have some other options. However, as this year winds down, I am just so thankful that we BYU was the right choice for our family. It was one made with prayer and a lot of thinking.

At the end of each year, we have what a Closing Social. The past two years it has been at the Springhaven Cabin. The cabin is seriously gorgeous.

There is a program, dinner, games and then we stay up all night talking, laughing, eating etc. Pretty much just being teenagers again. Last year was my first year. This year is my last year. And I know already that saying goodbye is going to be pretty rough for me to do.

 If I could sum up what I have learned, it is that everyone is beautiful and needs to be loved. I was taught that people have good intentions and that forgiveness is essential to happiness. I also learned how to let others serve me and how to better follow Christ and serve others.

we are both expecting twins, just a month apart

I volunteered to put together a slideshow from the past year.
McKay really helped me fix it because it was a hot mess. 
Here is the YOU TUBE LINK

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Free Prinatable: Twin Gender Scratch offs

After finding out we were expecting twins, we wanted to find a easy and fun way to announce the genders. (and free since we are in school) My husband is one of 9 and I am one of 10. For real. It was a challenge to find a creative way to let family to be part of this announcement.

I searched for days on Pinterest. I asked friends. And then I asked the Multiples FB group. And there my question was answered. It was actually for a single baby so I decided to try my hand at making my own in Photoshop. 

Here is what I came up with.

This morning we found out so we sent this out to the family this afternoon so they could all share in the excitement. 

(just to clarify, I am the type of person that makes a BIG DEAL out of everything. I really love to have any reason to celebrate). So this was just another really great reason to get to indulge. 

You can find directions to make your own scratch off here. Just right click the image and "save as" 

I included a few other ones I toyed around with below. I hope you can use these. 

blank jpeg

boy reveal

girl reveal

boy/girl reveal

So here is the question, which one do you think we used???

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I learned Wednesday: Lessons from my 5 1/2 year old

My son turned two a bit ago. It has been as expected... fun, energetic, more opinions, etc. But its not the two year old who I have been battling with lately. Its my 5 1/2 year old daughter. (sigh)
I am not concerned over the battles. I know its normal and its part of her age but let me tell you, it has been rough at times over in our house. 

Today she decided to kick me because I wouldn't pay $3 for a photo booth. 
Yesterday she spit at me and screamed for a really really long time
A few days ago, she decided to scratch her brother because she was pretending to be a cat 
Two weeks ago she made all the other kids get off the playground because she was the queen and it was her castle. I had lots of crying kids on my hands and a few unhappy moms. 

Oh, and I have exhausted most of my discipline methods over the course of her lifetime. That doesn't stop me from doing it though. But i felt that I had come to a bit of a cross -roads. 

note: I love her. I love her so so so much. I want her to be strong and a leader and fun. I don't want to force her into a mold. And when I am completely honest, I prefer she have a strong willed personality over the alternative.

So I did what any momma would do, I stopped by Swig for a vanilla-strawberry sprite and then began to pray, I prayed for forgiveness for losing my cool. I asked for the ability to understand how to be a good mom to her. I told my Heavenly Father I was thankful she is my daughter and I want to raise her to love Him and follow Him and be like our Savior. And that I want to be like our Savior too. And then I listened. 

Now, I have never been one to receive answered through the scriptures. Mine seem to come through prayer or other sources. And this is what happened again in this case.

I got my answer. It was simply to love her more. Don't stifle her spirit. Yes, I need to guide her. But I need to take it a bit easier on her and give her extra love. She needs to make amends to those she hurt. Saying sorry is not enough nor are time-outs going to make a difference. But showing her that I love her and taking time to talk and play with her each day will make the difference.


Its been a few days since I have focused more on loving her. I give her extra time with me when I can. I play games and color and bake with her. I cuddle and nap with her. I have always been a big believer in the concept of "just love them" and this revelation reinforced my initial determination. 

Will every day be happy and easy around here? Nope. Even as a 31 year old my days are not always happy or easy and many times I want to kick and spit and scream and act like I am 5.  But I know that love is the key. And in this family, we do love each other

I think that every person has triggers. Things that make someone extra happy, extra sad or extra mean.  Science can even back me up on this. 
For me, when I get less than 5 hours sleep, I am a very grumpy woman. 
For my girl, she needs to be active. Actually, both my kids do. And not just the "normal" active you are thinking about. I am talking about the "scary" kind. The kind where they want to climb up very very  high, run everywhere, and basically always be engaged.
So we ride bikes, play outside, paint, bake, read, write stories, take classes at the rec center, dance, sing, and clean ... every day. 
She is my oldest. She is the one who tends to be the leader of any group she is a part of. She is full of life and love and energy and she just wants to be loved in return. 
And that is what she gets. 
More love. 
More understanding for actions. 
More responsibility. 
And she has been so much better behaved because of it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We love National Parks

I feel like a hypocrite when it comes to hiking. In theory, I love it. At some point I realized that its not really fair to say " I love hiking" when I don't do it... or do it grudgingly. So, I made up my mind that while were were here in Utah, I would actively seek out hikes.

In Aug we came back from our internship. (which we spent the whole summer swimming all day). So every week I would pack up the kids in the bike trailer and I would peddle them through the mountains. We would be out for hours and come back covered in dirt and sweat. We loved it.

Then the Winter came.

Bleh. I do not like Winter one bit.

While Winter has not given way entirely to Spring, we are savoring each sunny day. We decided to take a break and leave the house messy, the laundry waiting to folded and homework that needed to be done and go to Caynonlands National Park.

For my birthday we went to Arches. In keeping with tradition, we enjoyed the Southern Utah weather for our little buddy's birthday

taking every opportunity to build up the rock trails

he's not so good at realizing he can't run down the mountainside... 

a few tears are allowed on your birthday

can you see the three of them on the very tip top of Whale Rock?
Canyonlands reminded me of the of God. Everywhere we looked I saw evidence of Him. Jaedyn has even taken to finding rocks that look like hearts. I think she got the idea from her Aunt Cassidy.
Its humbling to see these incredible formations and to picture them being made... carved out by the ever flowing Colorado river. I think life is that way, ever changing even if it doesn't seem like it is. Perhaps when I die and will look back and see how both the day-to-day experiences and the big ones shaped me.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Happy birthday Keo

Happy birthday to my little man
He is a lover of kisses, lollipops, Monsters Inc and falling down. 
Well, he doesn't like to fall down but he does love to run and climb ride so falling down has come to be somewhat of hourly event. 
He gives the sweetest prayers, loves baby signing time and usually can be found tackling Jaedyn

Monday, March 03, 2014


On Wed night I was eating dinner with some friends. McKay called me to tell me I needed to come home because Lexi was in an accident. It was loud and i didn't think it was anything but a broken bone.

Upon arriving they told us she would not make it. They could probably keep her "alive" until everyone was able to say goodbye. That was a really hard thing to hear. It broke my heart

I will fast forward a few days and skip some things and let you know that we have been on the receiving end of miracle after miracle. It has been humbling and has caused me to re-evaluate.
Thank you all for your prayers and your faith. 
After fasting on Sunday, here was the update on her FB page #prayforlexihansen
You can follow that link to get daily updates. While Lexi has improved against all odds, her road will still be a long one. You can read more here

We had the most amazing experience today at the end of everyone's fast. Lexi opened her eyes and kept them open for nearly an hour while we sang hymns to her as a family. While we were singing, she hand signed I love you, moving her arm around so that everyone could see. She then reached for each person's hands individually so she could squeeze them. We could hardly sing due to the tears streaming down our face. We knew we were witnessing a miracle. 

It was a very powerful and spiritual moment, and we know it was because of all the prayers and fasts offered in her behalf. Our God is indeed a God of miracles. We love our Lexi!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

1 trimester down, 2 to go

Well, here are some much asked for belly shots. 

All in all I am doing pretty well, mostly because McKay has been really diligent in making me rest. 

With both previous full-term pregnancies, I had bad back pain. However, compared to how this one has been, the past two were walks in the park. I am basically done for around 3 or 4p each night. Meaning, I lay on the couch and I don't generally move until 7p. Anyone else have this?!

In the mornings I feel pretty good so I generally attend my yoga class. It has helped with the pain. It hard for me to remember that even if I feel like I can do it all, I really shouldn't because I will pay for it big time. However, if I have to rest every day from here on out,  I know that it will be all worth it when I have two darling babies in my arms

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My only real baby wish item

If you haven't heard, our little family will be doubling this summer. Yep. we will be going from two kiddos to 4. From a man-on-man defense to a full-blown zone defense. 

Since I already have a girl and a boy, there is not much I actually need... and not that I even really want. HOWEVER, I will have 4 under 6. Some people can handle this without a hitch. Unfortunately, I am not that some person. 

Luckily, i have been on the receiving end of people wanting to get rid of baby items. If only I could find someone who wants to get rid of this bad boy: 
Valco twin tri mode w joey seat $699 + $100
 I hear you go through LOTS of diapers, formula and onesies with twins. I guess I will find out. Good thing we start a real job soon!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am in a photography club. Its really good for me and my relationship with my camera. I have two assignments due this week and so, with the kiddos in bed, I set out to complete them.

Then I got distracted.

By editing in photoshop pictures I had forgot about I had took in Oct.

So, while I may not have completed my assignment, I did experiment with some different editing techniques.

I ended up staying at the Salt Flats for almost an hour just snapping away and enjoying the discovery of my children. I have been learning to really love that part of being a parent. Sometimes I just say that because I should. But on that day, I meant it. 
While I get paid for photos, this blog is where I focus on journaling. Please don't judge my work from my posts.

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