Thursday, October 08, 2015

Grandma's handmade dresses are better than that Matilda Jane stuff

My mom is really good at sewing stuff. All growing up our Halloween costumes were sewn. Our Easter dresses and flower girls dresses and now my kids blessing outfits are all made by her. And usually for birthdays and Christmas my girls are given a dress from their uber talented grandma.

Uber as in, a lot. Not as in Uber the not-taxi company.

Goldyn was not really into photos.

I blame the wet grass and the incoming molars. Although she is the more emotional twin.

Jaedyn twirled and jumped and romped around in the dress. Its gorgeous.

The twins are growing out of everything SO fast but I am glad they can wear the dresses as tunics as they get bigger.

And I didn't have to spend $50 at Matilda Jane.

Monday, October 05, 2015

How we do birthdays

This year it was Lego style

And it was pretty dang awesome. 

Since our family has grown and now I have a SEVEN YEAR old, I feel like I have had to totally re-vamp how we do things. That's a fun thing about being a mom to a little tribe, it sure keeps my brain going and me on my toes. Some mommas feel like thier brain turns to mush. Lemme tell ya, I have totally been there. 

But then I had a "Come-to-Jesus-moment". You know, those moments where you just can really see the whole picture including where you totally fail at and thankfully, where you are a rockstar parent in? 


So our birthdays start off with a 7 day count down (although I am thinking of doing a 5 day countdown and then 2 days after now. I HATE the post birthday blues!!) 

And then we give our kids a choice. They get $100 to spend--- or to save. Jaedyn wanted to have a birthday party with all her new friends. So we planned it out. She did the math and saw how much things cost etc. 

At the end of it all, she ended up with $5 left. She is saving for a Lego Elsa Castle. 

It was fun to watch as a mom what she placed value in. She wanted a pinata. No budging on that. But she opted to make one. She wanted pizza. She wanted a store-bought cake but decided it cost too much so went on pinterest (with me) and found some darling Lego cupcakes to make. Complete with Rainbow chip frosting. She planned out the games and hand wrote her invites. Then passed them out. 

One things I loved was seeing how she was able to understand how money works. Its something I sadly, struggle with a little and its a weakness I am working on. 

The birthday week was such a blast. And a big THANK YOU to Cassidy and Dan who totally went above and beyond celebrating Jaedyn while we were gone. Did i mention we do a birthday fairy? Well Cassidy just did that on her own for her!

thanks to all who came! 
Jaedyn mailed her Shutterfly Thank you notes.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Our Trip to Brazil in one semi-short post

And its mostly going to be photos since I am still not unpacked. Yes, I know its been three months. 
Well, we have a few traditions. Every year we go on a few planned trips. One is a no-kids trip and one is a family trip. Brazil was a no kids trip. 

Our first of three cities was Rio. Of course. 

We loved the hustle and bustle, our private tour guide, and the CHURROS!!! Oh don't get me started unless you are going to take me back just for those gems. 

We went to a lovely little city called Petropolis. 
I think we decided it was our favorite. 
also known as The Imperial City of Brazil, is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, at a distance of 68 km from the state capital.
Nestled among the forested hills of the Serra dos Órgãos, in the valley of the Quitandinha and Piabanha rivers, Petrópolis is a popular winter holiday spot. Besides the climate and surroundings, the main attraction is the former Summer Palace of the second Brazilian emperor, which is now the Imperial Museum, specializing in Imperial history and memorabilia.

 We ate. We watched people dance. Ate some more. We just soaked up all the history there. 

Then we stayed on Ilha Grande. 

Ilha Grande is an island located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. The island, which is part of the municipality of Angra dos Reis, remains largely undeveloped. Wikipedia

No cars allowed. 
It was hot and then cold and still beautiful both ways. 
We met some lovely people from France and chatted with them a lot throughout our stay. Which was only two days so, yeah, not long. 

Oops, and what kids of tourist would we be without a Futbol photo???!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why I do MANDATORY Quiet Time

I homeschool a 7 yo smarty-pants
I gave birth to a son who has turned into a 3 yo smarty-pants like his sister
I have twin toddler girls. 

I mean, really. Do I need more reason than that? Yeah, didn't think so. But the thing is, I am actually kinda a pro at this mommy thing. (the non -paid kind of  pro) And we didn't always do quiet time. Well, hell must have froze over because we are all sorts of organized and scheduled and in control over here. 

   { Just don't open my bedroom door. }
    { or take away my Dr. Pepper in the morning  }

I mean-- I have a lock on my kids toy box. That's totally normal right? And I have these chore charts and daily duties and they have to play the piano and recite poems and do flash cards and read books and go to bed at 7p. Yep, normal. 

So to make a long, pointless story short and "point-full"--- 
I set up mandaroty quiet time. I simply said something like "It's quiet time now. Your options are to read 4 or 5 books or take a nap"

The twins opt for the nap. Every time! Who would have guessed that one??!! 

But Jaed and the "always-shoeless-choas-machine-known-as-Keo"?? They read books. Lots of them. And while I could be doing a million other things, I watch them read. I listen to them tell each other about the book they just read or hear Jaed reading something she learned about to Keo. It usually ends up with Keo in my lap and Jaed snuggling close by as I read a few books or chapters to them. 

And just as quickly as this quiet time came, its over again and they are off.  

Friday, September 25, 2015

Now our "summer begins" with The Coral Pear and parks

So if you didn't know, (which I am not sure how you wouldn't), Houston is a freakishly hot place. Like, most of the year. Upsides to this include TWO growing seasons. Yep, you heard it right folks. TWO. DOS. 2.  Let me clarify. We get two chances to grow tomatoes. Not like the wimpy ONE they get out West. Downside: I will never put on riding boots, a scarf and/a jacket. Yep, you won't be seeing me in a cute fall outfit this, uhm, well, fall. And don't get me started on the monster cockroaches. Those bad-boys are bigger than the ones in Hawaii.

Need more proof? Well the public swimming pools over in our area are all still open on the weekends. The splashpads are pretty much open year round. ( no high school freshman life guard needed) and don't get me started on the amazing parks!

Oh the parks!

Well we live on 1/2 an acre but since its brand-spankin' new its all dirt and trees and crappy grass. We really lukced out and our very first outing to find some fun parks, we hit the jackpot.

So far I haven't been able to get the kids to explore the other areas. Because whenever they see this tall, spinny-thing-a-mah-jig, this is where they stay. At least Jaed and Keo.

The twins? Well--- these little toddlers here got some fancy shmancy new shoes. Er,  Moccs. Shoe-moccs?? First, they smell better than a new car. Second, they cost less than a new car. Third, pretty sure a new car doesn't come in gold with bows and fringes. These are moccs from no other than The Coral Pear. I'm talking Top-notch folks. Go get some will ya.

And while you are at it, send a few "please bless" prayers our way that our Houston Fall/Winter lasts a while. Cause the only good thing about summer here is that we usually leave for July. :)

Peace out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We are young, we are free, stay up late, we don't sleep....

after an hour, I kept hearing this song on the computer. 
So i came over to see what McKay had put together. 
And now, I have watched this like 50 times and keep playing it over and over. 
Thought I would share... 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Ruby and Goldyn

We had a great birthday party a few weeks ago. Actually, we had a great birthday 3 days after we closed on our house. It was crazy getting everything moved, unpacked and then set up for the party/house warming party. And thankfully I had two wonderful busy bees helping me unpack. NOT my kids. My SIL and Aunt who are also awesome friends come over after the movers(ward members and missionaries) left and pretty much unpacked everything for me.

The theme was Minnie Mouse and yes, I did go a little overboard. But one thing I have learned is that I like going overboard! I like having parties and I have gotten used to taking people up on offers to help. Without the help in unpacking and the help of others bringing food for the party, it would have been really hard.

Mimi Pop Shop made our Minnie Mouse cake pops. She delivers/mails them folks so be sure to order only from her! (She made Avenger pops for Keo's birthday and now it has become a tradition to have cake pops) I wish I would have gotten a better picture. The bowl was at the door so folks could grab one on the way out as our Thank You for coming.

The rompers are from ThinkPinkBows. Shipping was super fast and they were really affordable. Double bonus!

Everything else you see I already had or I got from Oriental Trading. I love that place. I can browse online, get free and fast shipping, and there is always a 20% discount so its the perfect price point for parties.

Our littler guests LOVED our big backyard! We love having so much space now. Nothing is more fun than a big pile of dirt and some water!

can you tell the girls really wanted nothing to do with the smash cakes? Jaedyn was the same way. Keo--was not.

They started to ward up to it. 
I think mostly out of curiosity. 

But, the sugar finally won them over.... 
and a few other kids as well~ !!

It wouldn't be a successful day of partying and photo taking without a few crazy faces thrown in. I mean, check out those crazy eyes!!!
by the end, we all were a little tired and feeling a bit like this. 

Thank you SO MUCH for all the help, advice, meals, and love this past year. At times it felt really really long but here we are, a year later. And I feel like time is slipping through my hands at a rapid pace. 
While I get paid for photos, this blog is where I focus on journaling. Please don't judge my work from my posts.

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