Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dating your Spouse

  • Call your spouse and ask for a date.
  • When your date is supposed to start, pretend you are picking your spouse up by knocking on the door to announce your arrival.
  • Bring flowers or candies. Play it up as much as possible. Have fun.
  • Find a reliable baby-sitter and book him or her in advance for your dates.
  • Have your children stay with relatives so you can plan weekends alone.

There is also a great book out called "how to date your spouse" I am a family studies major and just finished my first round of classes. One of them was the interpersonal marriage and it was so fabulous! Now, i know that i have not been at this long but i look forward to our weekly dates. I was at the Quilted Bear and bought two marshmallow guns for $5! What a deal! We have already had a blast playing with them... only be sure your marshmallows are not stale. Otherwise it hurts.

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