Monday, August 04, 2008

Ice cream and Astro's

I love ice cream. There, i said it. Last night I had my very first taste of the famous Texas Blue Bell Brand ice cream. YUmM!!! I have to say it was everything and more... and although I love ice cream, not all ice cream is equal as many of you may know. For the past few months however, i have had really paralyzing cravings for ice cream and it is so frusterating for a few reasons.... the first being that i thought cravings were excuses women made up to eat whatever they wanted. Secondly, I really detest the fact that i feel this overwhelming need for a particular food. Well, I suppose many others feel this way. Let me know if you do. It would be interesting to hear what weird cravings other people have had as well.
On a different note, this weekend was jammed packed. Sorta. We went to our pool here in the sub-division and to an Astro's game. The played the Mets and won in overtime. That was my first Major League game. The stadium was huge and the atmosphere was wonderful. We have a few other things on our list to do before Jaedyn is born... 5 more weeks to go.

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Tina said...

I love all these cartoons. They seriously say everything and more about what a pregnant woman is feeling. Isn't Blue Bell the best? We just love it!!!! I had ice cream cravings with Jacob especially when I tasted Blue Bell and Braums ice cream. With Cloey I craved cheese and chicken nuggets. I know... weird but that's all I have for you!! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. So sorry to hear you can't fly out to the wedding. That is such a bummer. Good luck with the final 5 weeks.

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