Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our special day

It has happened... another milestone complete. Our little miracle was blesses in church this past Sunday. Grandma Limary (my mom) made her the beautiful blessing dress. McKay gave her the blessing and we were surrounded by family all week. I feel just so blessed to have so many people to love our little girl and also to love and support us. You see, my parents flew out from California to meet us in Utah and my brother-in-law JD also took time from dental school and flew out from Louisville and my in-laws put all of us up in their home. It was a full house with family in from all over and friends to give us well-wishes.
I spent part of my week as a single-mom but luckily had a whole lot of help and Jaedyn had not one, but TWO grandma's and a lot of aunts and uncles to shower her with love. We both missed McKay when he flew out back to Houston. He is such a good provider for us and went back to work early early early Monday morning. I am VERY thankful for cell phones though because McKay and I were able to text and talk any time of the day and Jaedyn was in on it as well. I would put the phone up tp her ear and McKay would start to talk and she would coo back and grin from ear to ear when she heard his voice.
After her blessing on Sunday morning, that evening the extended family all came by the house. It was energizing to see them all and to chat and get caught up on all of the happenings. Because there were so many people to tend to Jaedyn, after would nurse her she would go from one set of arms to another allowing to sleep... ahhh---such a good feeling to be abel to speel more than 2 hours at a time. When the fam came to visit it was so nice to feel coherent enough to make a joke and even understand when someone else was making a joke. My wonderful husband has put up with this cranky wife for almost two weeks and I just felt like a whole new person.. or maybe just the person I was before. At any rate, I feel so blessed for family to love and for the support of loved ones far adn near. It is finally Thursday which means only two and half more days until Jaedyn gets to see her daddy again... and I get my hubby back.
I will be posting pictures when I get home. Brandon Osmond took some of Jaedyn on her special day and we will have those soon. If you are looking for a photographer, I could not reccomend anyone better for the job.


Kristine Parker said...

Hi! What an awesome experance. I can only imagin what it must feel like to see your husband bless your child. UMM I think it would be a great idea to do a reunion at Christmas time. I want to meet Jaedyn and Eva. Let me know when you are planning on being here and we can plan!!! Love ya!

The Parrys said...

It was great seeing you guys! The blessing was very special, and Jaedyn is such a beautiful little angel. She is such a beautiful mix of both you and McKay.

Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

I remember the day that Brad blessed our little girl. It really was a neat experience to be able to listen to what he had to say to our little girl. You'll have to post pictures soon!

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