Friday, December 19, 2008

My cousin Elisabeth

Elisabeth is, well, incredible. I always thought so since the first time I met her. Now, the whole state of Utah agrees with me.
She is also involved with The Christmas Box House. This is an organization I support 100%. There are so many children who have been given bad breaks in life and one day, I hope to give back and help them. One of my dreams is to be a foster parent. I know that it is really really hard but I figure if I can provide a stable environment for a child, even if it is just for a littl bit, then I should do it. I once worked for a home for at risk teenage boys. I was hesitant at first becuase I wasn't sure what to expect. What I git was an increase of love for those not as lucky as me, and one thing I DID NOT expect was to fall in love with my work there.
I was blessed to be raised by two wonderful parents who taught me about God, about myself, and about this world we live in. Actually, my dad used to work for LDS Family servies and we would have infants in our home unti they were adopted. Children need to be loved. Here are two great websites to look into if you also want to help.
EXCHANGE -Abused Mothers and Children and Patriotism


Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

Your cousin Elisabeth sounds like an amazing woman. By the way, cute pictures of your little girl!! She is so pretty! She's the perfect mix of you both...I love her outfits!

Angela said...

I agree with you 100% about helping the kids. We had over 50 go through our Family when my Mom worked with The Christmas Box House. She was even President of The Christmas Box Club for a few years, which helped in fundraising and awareness. I always thought I might adopt because of the experiences with those wonderful children.

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