Wednesday, March 11, 2009

6 months old... Can you believe it!?

Time has been blissfully passing by for us here in Texas. I took Jaedyn to get her 6 months pictures from Sears. Here are the results. Bytheway, we have done "expensive" studios, WalMart, and then home-based professionals (LOVE Melissa Parker Photography). Sears was great quality and great pictures and if you don't have a home-based photographer to go with, I recommend them.


Dee Dee said...

She is adorable! I just love your little girl! Sears does do a great job! Have fun in Europe!!

Hans and Chelsey said...

That is so crazy that she is already 6 months old. It just seems as though you were here in Utah blessing her. Those are really cute pictures by the way. I love them.


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