Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Baby's gone mobile

Well, this is all I could get. She has become very interested in the camera as of late and so it is a lot harder than a few weeks ago to get "natural" photo's and videos. She was scooting right along and so I ran to get it on film. I started rolling and she stopped. After I was done filming can you guess what she did... yep, she took off!
I think that the look at the very end sums it up well. "Mom, seriously, you can stop becuase I am not going to crawl right now." And I just think "Dance, monkey, dance...." (that comment is for you Darby)


Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

Yay! She's becoming mobile...looks she's going to start crawling soon. That's such an exciting time for everyone...have fun with her!!

Autumn Moses said...

Congrats... now comes the real fun... PUT EVERYTHING THATS BREAKABLE UP!!!!

The Parrys said...

OOOH she is soo cute!! :) Thats so exciting that she is crawling! Make sure you hide everything because in a week or two she will be helping herself to anything in the room :) hehe. She is so so beautiful btw! I LOVE that outfit too.

Tina said...

so cute!! I believe you though. The kids know when you want them to perform and then when you turn off the camera, they do the cutest things. How do they know?!?
She is adorable!!!

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