Friday, May 01, 2009

Mad Hatter Cake

I made this for a ward activity. It was a hit! It had 7 layers... vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and all (almost) made from scratch. The yellow frosting is faux fandant and the circles are real fondant.
Since it is getting a bit warmer here (which I LOVE), Jaedyn and I decided to take some LOVE photos :


Shelby said...

I think I just shed some tears, she is so big and I'm so sad that she is growing up so fast and I haven't been able to hold her... oh but she is adorable.

The Parrys said...

That cake is awesome!!! you are amazing. making cakes would be so much fun! Jaedyn is so so so big! Is she attempting to walk yet? She is also stinkin adorable!! we miss you guys! are you planning a trip up to utah anytime soon?

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