Friday, May 29, 2009

Paydays and vacations

Well I decided that I needed to post more on our blog. I always have ideas on what I should blog about and then I forget.

I think my favorite thing about being a husband and a dad is coming home from work everyday. It's like I haven't been home in a week every time I come home. Makana has dinner cooking and shouts "Daddy's home!" My little girl will hear the door open and come crawling around the corner and then her eyes will light up when she sees it's me. Then she does the cutest thing that she always does when she gets excited. She puts her head down and weezes and then waves her hands up and down (as if she were banging on an imaginary table). Then she'll come crawling up to me so I can pick her up (with the occassional "daa daa"). That by far is the best (and my favorite) payday that I get.

Seriously, I think the most depressing thing is coming home to an empty house when Makana and Jaedyn are out. It's even more depressing when its several days in a row. Additionally, I think that I need to talk to Makan about Jaedyn's napping schedules because oftimes when I get home, she's asleep and I only get half a pay day. There are probably not many words more disappointing than "Jaedyn's napping."

So for Memorial day, we went down to Austin as Makana has mentioned. We got to spend time with some new and old friends. I really liked Austin, except I think that the Liberals there would drive me crazy. Okay, maybe all the Liberals wouldn't be so bad, it's just those dang Greenpeace activists. I'll guess I could give them the benefit of the doubt because they do seem sincere about "saving the planet" and I'm sure they're all nice people, but I think Jacob put it best when he said that "their blindness came from looking beyond the mark."

Save the Polar Bears!?

Why do I say this? Because on Monday when we were at Austin's big downtown park (Zilker Park), I started to see red shirts everywhere and they were approaching people asking them to sign their petition. Sure enough they all had the peace sign painted on their faces. I got close enough to read their shirts "STOP GLOBAL WARMING!" They were asking everyone they could to sign a petition to stop global warming. I thought to myself, "and to who are they going to present the petition? The sun?" Anyway, I secretly hoped that one of them would ask me to sign their petition and I would tell them off.

Well sure enough as we were walking down a path, one exuberant, smiling coed came straight to us. I muttered to Makana, "here goes..."
"Would you like to sign our petition to stop global warming?" she asked in as sweet as voice as she could.
"Sure....if you can prove it to me that it actually exists."
I've never seen a face that shocked in my life. What?! You mean there is somebody in Austin that doesn't believe all the lies that Al Gore and his ilk have been spreading?! Is this guy insane? She just stood there stunned before finally saying..."Well okay." I waited for about a couple of seconds for her to start, but she must have been too stunned to get her thoughts together and present to me her proof. So after an awkward silence we both continued on our ways. One on a neverending fruitless campaign and the other to enjoy the day with his wife and daughter.


Autumn said...

It has always bothered my husband as well that everyone is freaking out about global warming. When it doesn't even exist! Climate change yes, but that's been happening since the planet was created. Anyways I read him your story and he laughed. Thanks Mckay for saying what you believe in straight to their way beyond the mark faces.

Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...
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Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

McKay~I love reading your posts! They're so well put together and funny! Makana~What a great guy you have in your life! I bet he makes you laugh everyday!! I had to read this to Brad and he started laughing. What a great way to end the night. :) Thanks for sharing that with us. Also, I really don't think we're going into global warming...I actually think we're going into "global cooling". It seems like it gets colder every year and winter stays around longer. Anyway, thanks again for the fun guys are great

Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

Oh...and to answer your question about the cake, I did marshmallow fondant. It was really yummy! :)

Brandon Osmond said...

Ha ha nice Mckay, way to tell them off.. ha ha
But that is so cute about Jayden and coming home to Makana and Jayden what a beautiful thing. Well it was good to talk to you yesterday!Sure love you and miss you guys... This is Shelby by the way it might show up as Brandon..

marcia said...

I love that story about global warming. Too bad you didn't run into Al Gore. Now I'd love to see that face off. Mckay against Al GOre. My money would be on you Mckay.

Jaedyns so lucky to have such a devoted daddy who loves coming home to her.

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