Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to Austin Texas

These next pictures are our trip this weekend to Austin. We had a wonderful time and got to visit with the Masters and also McKays college roomate Jeff. My camera battery dies on the last day so we are missing a few things but as you can tell, we had a ball together.
Jaedyn is getting to be quite the little walker. She was enjoying the stepping stones at the Botanical Gardens
This was at Zilker Park.

McKay started to read the Chronicles of Narnia while we were in Austin. It gave him something to do while Jaedyn slept
As you can see, Jaedyn Maliana was pretty tired from her day of swimming. She napped right under a big tree
A little out of order pictrure wise but here is McKay taking Jaedyn into Barton Srpings.

She has 6.5 teeth now, 4 on top and 2/5 on bottom. Her favorites are Strawberries, Watermelon, rice, bread, pizza, chicken salad, and spaghetti
Barton Springs, inside of Zilker Park. It is a 3 acre natural spring.
Jaedyn Maliana LOVES anything water. This crisp 68* spring was no exception.
Outside the Texas State Museum with Dad.
The outside of Texas Capital. It was built for "free". The builders exchanged it for land in the panhandle.
The inside of Texas' Capital.

You can't tell but this is the bridge where MILLIONS of bats fly out of each night. The boats take tours on the river and at sundown the show begins. It was really incredible to watch.
Tree swingin' with mom
There were 50+ chicks"Dad! What is that yellow furry thing you are holding? I better taste it!

Chicken flavor?

Chikees do not taste good!

Well I couldn't let them have all the fun so I got on as well. We rode a horse called "Dakota" and a great big than kyou goes out to Tara for hosting us. We had a wonderful time.

Mckay and Jaedyn on her very First horseback ride! She did great and really enjoyed it.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

What a fun trip!!! I totally want to come down and go to the spring! It's beautiful, and Jaedyn makes it look delightful :) PS.. I just got caught up and had a GOOD laugh over your Dunder-Miflin conversation with McKay. I love you two!

Tina said...

I just love little Jaedyn's smile. She is a precious girl and I can't wait to meet her. It looks like you had a great time so now we will need to see what fun things are going on around here in a month. Can't wait!!

Brandon Osmond said...

Jayen is getting so big, holy cow. That just makes me sad but looks like you had fun. Makana you are looking so good as always. And Mckay you look alright.. JK! You guys are a beautiful family

Meg said...

Cute pictures! It seems beautiful down there in Texas. Glad you guys are having fun!

Lexi said...

HAHA!! That is soo funny! AWW! Jaedyn should have ate that chick! funny! That looks so much fun! :D Love you all!

marcia said...

Such adorable pictures. I love the one of the family on the bridge and the one of Jaedyn on the rock. Actually they're all so cute its hard to pick favorites. You guys do so many fun things.

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