Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers day cake results

Well, I didn't take any pictures but that cake was the easiest cake I have EVER done! It took no time at all and the results were as expected... perfect! I hope that all of your turned out well.

Our Father's Day was wonderful. Being the other half, that is my opinion :). We were invited to a a temple workers fireside by some friends of ours.

This is the Houston LDS Temple. It is incredible. There has been a change in the Temple Presidency thus the reason for the Fireside. Anyhow, you could just tell that the caliber of people in attendance was of the highest I have encountered in one room for a very long time. Those who spoke really emanated humility and love. I walked away with a better understanding of a lot of things but also a great appreciation for the work which goes on inside these walls.


Kelli Nicole said...

Wait, do you guys live in Houston? How did I miss that? I live there now :). If you know anyone who needs a photographer...It'd be nice to not have to travel to Utah and California to make a living :).

marcia said...

That sounds like a neat experience.
That is a beautiful temple. We can't wait to go to the new so.Jordan temple (oquirah temple that is)

Lexi said...

Wow that is a gorgeous temple!! Phewwee!! That sounds fun! I tried to make dad some yummy french toast and it actually turned out well.

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