Friday, June 12, 2009

I can can Salsa

Yep, You read right. Yesturday I canned my very own salsa.... for the first time. If anyone is wanting to get rid of tomatoes, you know where to find me! Elbow deep in salsa.

the picture isn't mine but they look like that


Tina said...

You are so talented Makana!! I can't stand it! I need to be more like you and search for things to do that will better myself and gain more experience. Thanks for keeping all of us on our toes and reaching to be better.

Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

How fun! You are such an inspiration to me! I haven't canned anything yet, so I still need to try it out sometime. :)
Yeah, Brad graduates this July...we're all pretty excited! I didn't realize Houston had so many job openings. He'll be happy to hear about that. He was just telling me the other day to ask you if McKay knew of any engineering jobs available there and that we wouldn't mind living somewhere warm for a while. :) What kind of an engineer is McKay? Brad is doing Mechanical Engineering. Is there anything for that? That would be so exciting to live by you guys!! Althogh I've never met you guys, I can honestly say that you're one of the best people I know!!

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