Monday, June 22, 2009

My life thus far as a mom. Dialog between me and my baby

Me: "Jaedyn, come here sweetie" (thinking to myself, why doesn't she come.) Then (oh yeah, she is 9 month old).

Jaedyn: "Huh!" (or Haha then a nice long growl followed by her once more biting my shoulder with all 8 of her teeth)

Me: "Ok, baby, time to get ready for bed"
Jaedyn: (no way) so she crawls/runs/gallops under the table, chair, and attempt to even fit herself in the cupboard

Me: "Go play while mommy cooks dinner please"
Jaedyn: (dinner, i'm hungry too. Maybe if I just walk over there and hang on her pants she will drop some for me. Oh look, mom is still in her P.J's. I bet I can pants her.... again.
Me: "Oh man Jaedyn, you just pantsed mommy!"

McKay and Makana kissing: smooch, smooch, wwhhhatttt??
Jaedyn: Thats MY MOM! You can't kiss her. (and she proceeds to grab McKay, pretty funny)

Makana: "Jaedyn Maliana, come down off the stairs please"
Jaedyn: Right, not going to happen... SUPER SPEED ON!!! and up she goes in 1 second flat

Makana: Jaed, lets change you diaper
Jaedyn: Ok, but after you do, I am going to go poop, no matter how long you think you can wait, I will wait even longer (thus my baby becomes constipapted which is pretty funny to watch her go poop then)

Makana: singing "da dada dada ddaadadddaaa"
Jaedyn: "da dada dada ddaadaddaaaaaaa "

I really love being a mom and a wife. It has been the best choice I have ever made.


Autumn Moses said...

Super fun! Being a Mom is the best! You're daughter is getting so big and beautiful too! You know... Parker is pretty darn handsome... we could guarantee ourselves some beautiful grandbabies! What do you think? LOL

The Parrys said...

oh my gosh CUTE!!! she is so adorable! this is truly the best and funnest age... AND the most frustrating lol. That part about you and mckay kissing.... hilarious!!! cami gets super jealous and whines and climbes in between us. arent babies the funniest things ever? being a mom is truly the best ever! ps... that conversation with a 5 year old is priceless! that should go on candid camera!

Tina said...

Ya, it seems as though whenever I change their diapers, no matter how long I wait in the morning... 9:00, 11:00, it doesn't matter, they poop RIGHT after I change them. I think they like seeing us frustrated!!
I love that last picture of her sunbathing!!

No, I haven't made the cake yet. I want to wait for the 4th of July when you guys come to make it. How does that sound? I can't wait to see you!!

Josh, Kim & Kapri said...

Mak D!!!! I miss you so much! You look so happy! You can call me anytime..or email me! Id love to catch up with you!

marcia said...

Such cute pictures of you guys!!!
I loved the dialogue you had with her. So true isn't it. It's kind of fun having Ella bec/I'd forgotten alot of this stuff so now I feel I know exactly what you are talking about. Although I wish I was having the experience with Jaedyn instead!

Lindsey & Jared said...

I LOVE the bowling picture! You guys are so cute : )

Lexi said...

HAHA!! Those are hilarious!!! Couldn't stop laughing at all of them!! Wow! Jaedyn already has 8 teeth!! Goodness!!! Loved it! thanks for the laugh! :D

dmd said...

Oh my...she is adorable Makana. And you look just as beautiful as ever. Being a wife and mother suits you so well.

I miss you!

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