Monday, July 27, 2009

O Vegas, How I love you

I love this face that Jaedyn makes now

That is A LONG WAY down! Makana and Jaedyn Maliana at Hoover Dam

Makana at Red Rock. Just jumpin'
My siblings and parents etc. The only one we are missin is Leilani. She had to work :(
Jaedyn adn McKay at Red Rocks, she loves beign tossed in the air

This is all I will post of Vegas since I already have posted quite a bit.

Next up in our Travel plans:
New Orleans
Dallas (BYU game)
Caribbean Cruise

A quick update:
Jaedyn: Running, eating everything (favs include bananas, cantaloupe, eggs and rice). She is in 12months clothes. She loves things that make music and have lights and loves books. (for those who want to spoil her)

McKay: Workin hard and enjoying it. He finds time to ride his scooter, workout and play basketball on top of being a great husband and fantastic dad

Makana (me): Still practically perfect in every way....


marcia said...

I love Jaedyns funny face. That looks like a fun trip. It was so fun having the 3 of you here for a day. It made a big difference to see Jaedyn bec/ she is no longer a baby. I loved her burst of laughter. We haven't stopped talking about her.

The Foulgers said...

Fun, fun, fun. Las Vegas will probably be the tradition now that it is half-way between SacTown and Texas. Looks like you had a blast and WOW, Jaedyn is so big. Enjoy the rest of your summer- looks like you have a lot planned!

Anonymous said...

Um Jon is not in the picture either...

The Parrys said...

well hello mary poppins!!!! haha! you are too cute

JD and McCall said...

Jaedyn's face is hilarious, and I'm jealous that you guys are going to the game

Lexi said...

Holy Cow!! That is gorgeous!! I love the looking at your beautiful little family.. soo cute! how'd you get so high makana?

Mel Parker Photography said...

Great shot of Jaedyn and someone was ready to take that picture! Great job! She looks so happy!!!

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