Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blogger gone mobile

Yep, really, who needs internet on your phone. I am connected to Twitter, Facebook, and now blogger... all via text messages. Did I mention I get my voice mail delivered to me in a transcript form via text message from Google voice.

I know, it is disgusting how techi we have all become. My my sis gave me her old blackberry and if I only knew how to text photos we would be set. Anyone know how?

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Kelli Nicole said...

On MY Blackberry you go to pictures and select one. Hit the menu button (left of the pearl) and choose "send as mms" then choose a person, choose their mobile number and his send (it usually takes a little while to load it). If you JUST took the picture there's an icon on the far right with an envelope, choose that and choose 'send as mms.' Good luck!

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