Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can you think of anything better than this?

Being a party girl, when we first got married (the whole two years ago), I wanted to make sure every day was a party. Now as for bonafide holidays... no holds bar.

So birthdays... was there a way to stretch it out? Yep. A week of birthday. For 7 days before, a gift (act of service, dinner, movie, book, whatever), is given. This year though, McKay really did himself in.

Day one: Second wedding band make my finger shine!
I went to lunch at Red Robin with my sis Tia and friend Jaclyn
I went to Coldstone (alone) and got ice cream (both the lunch and ice cream were free)

Day two: A sock. Translation= 2 months of McKay doing the laundry.
Pictures of Jaedyn. Hanging out with Tia and lunch at BJ Brewhouse with a birthday pazookie. (I LOVE LOVE BJ's)
I went to Old Navy and did a little free birthday shopping. Got THE CUTEST shirt
Rented 12 Rounds from Redbox. Snuggled with hubby and enjoyed the extra buttery popcorn

Day three: Lunch at Angus Brazilian Grill (similar to Tucanos). But the service here truly was outstanding. It was low lighting, crystal glasses, white linen, valet parking, the works!!

Day four: Temple session and free $15 entree at Texas Land and Cattle.McKay made me a shirt. Yes, it is THE shirt I blogged about.

Day five: Double coupon grocery shopping at Kroger (got lots of FREE Stuff with my $1=$2 coupons!), Old Navy $2 Tank sale, McKay cleaned the house and took care of Jaedyn all day. I did not put forth any effort for anything.

Day six: Official Birthday dinner, Chicken Parmean by McKay. I also made these "Shark Attack" cupcakes. I LOVE cake decorating and this was a blast to do! McKay scanned ALL of my childhood and mission pictures so they are now digital. It took him hours. Thanks honey! Happy birthday wishes from friends and family. Thank you everyone

Day seven: FHE which is always a party! Relaxed and recovered from our crazy weekend. Got sleep after two nights of not sleeping... dang obsession with couponing and loud neighbors. Read a book all day long. It was perfect.

Day eight: 2nd Anniversary celebration: Day at the Spa with McKay.

Thanks to Groupon of Houston for the AMAZING deal for the spa. A $100 value for $40. Massage, pedicure, manicure, hair cut


Elisabeth said...

You ARE a party girl! I'm pretty sure we should live closer to one another so we can help one another celebrate birthday weeks. McKay is such a sweet, thoughtful husband. I love hearing your stories. You two are my favorite!!!

Tina said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! I can't seem to find your phone number so I can't call you so hopefully this will do!! I hope you had a fabulous one and your anniversary will be even better. What a fun week you have had. One to remember for always! Tell McKay that I think he did a fabulous job at spoiling you this year!! Kudos to him!

Summer Carlile said...

How fun! what a sweet husband you have.

The Foulgers said...

WOW- SPOILED!!! i love it! Happy Birthday- love your new wedding band- beautiful

marcia said...

What a fun week. It was fun to talk with you on your birthday. I love watching Jaedyn on skype. So cute!!! Yes and you do have a wonderful husband. I wondered who raised such a great guy?j/k of course he learned that on his own. A great quality. Loved those cute cupcakes.

Kelsi Hansen said...

Wow McKay really outdid himself this year. I hope you enjoyed the message we left for you. It was almost as good as getting to talk to you.

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