Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary today

Two years ago we were sealed in the Sacramento Temple.
Since then we:
Honeymooned in Hawaii, Oahu
bought a house in Utah
got a dog
became preg with Jaedyn
Went to Maui
changed jobs and moved to Houston,
bought a new car and a scooter
rented our house in Ut out
had Jaedyn Maliana
traveled to Utah and California
Traveled to Scotland and London
moved into an apt
Road tripped to Dallas and Austin
Managed to figure out how to be a parent
Went to Vegas and Utah
got my food storage blog off the ground
writing two books
tried in vain to find someone to travel on Jet Blue with for a month

whew... i am exahusted!

looking forward to:
many many more years together
cruises and road trips
more books
fun journal entries
bigger base for blogging
running a 5k and then a triathalon together


Hans and Chelsey said...

Oh wow that is a big accomplishment. I can't believe we have been married longer than you. Hans and I both thought that you were married first. I guess not. Well congratulations that is so awesome. May you have many more years together.
The Hoges

makana bahama mama said...

McKay reminded me, I forgot to say that we went to San Antonio. We did the Alamo, the Riverwalk and the Missions.. all while I was 8.5 months pregnant.

Lexi said...

awww!! Happy (late) anniversary!! Hope you had a great one!! :D How was it?

marcia said...

Happy Anniversary (also late) I'm just hoping to keep up with birthdays and Christmas. I'm so glad you started the blog for our family Makana its been fun to read everyones and to have you see what we're doing. love you guys - so happy you chose to be with Mckay for eternity Makana! I couldn't have picked anyone better for him.

rad6 said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mother's Day, childhood adventures, and win a trip to the Vatican!

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