Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sometimes you are due for a surprise. Sometimes you marry someone you thought would never be sneaky. This is one of those times.

McKay came home from work and after being either locked in my room or locked out of it, I am thrust into the car, blindfolded and driven to a secluded area. Yes, picture a horror movie.

We finally stop and it gets eerily quiet. All of the sudden, a hear a little voice yell "SURPRISE!!" (note: I am STILL blindfolded.)

I quickly take off the never-been-worn-tie-blindfold and see a table full of BBQ and a place loaded with friends!

Thank you thank you to everyone that was able to make it. And a big XOXO to the hubby of the year.

I was SHOCKED! The shocked face is on video.
Our little family picture

Matt and Jaedyn.
She loves the pool and was more than willing to spend ALL night there.
We left around 9:30 and she was in the pool a lot of that time

Matt (bro-in-law), with Jaedyn.
Madden (Jaedyn little bf), and Damon his dad

My Purse Cake. Jaedyn was loving all the signing.


Tina said...

Wow! I think you should keep him. I mean, how many husbands throw a surprise party, let alone without it leaking that he is planning one? And that cake... who made it?
You are one spoiled girl! Enjoy this week and Happy Anniversary!!

makana bahama mama said...

It really was pretty cool. I always wanted a surprise party! I told him that once kinda as a joke.. kinda serious.

The Parrys said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! it looks like you guys had a great anniversary and that your birthday was a blast! happy anniversary! love you guys!

Lexi said...

AW! You guys are the cutest lil family!! :D

rad6 said...

A surprise that was really a surprise. tell him kudos, not just for the idea, but being able to pull it off! That is great.

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