Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why I live in Texas

Why does anyone want to live in Texas? (I live here and by choice)

Need to be cheered up? Some towns in Texas…zipcode included.

Happy , Texas 79042

Harmony, Texas 75684

Jolly, Texas 76365

Paradise , Texas 76073

Rainbow , Texas 76077

Smiley , Texas 78159

Sweet Home , Texas 77987

Why travel to other cities?

Texas has them all!

Atlanta, Texas 75551

Detroit , Texas 75436

Colorado City , Texas 79512

Denver City , Texas 79323

Manhattan, Texas (the town that never was)

Memphis , Texas 79245

Miami , Texas 79059

Nevada , Texas 75173

New Boston , Texas 75570

Pittsburg, Texas 75686

Providence, Texas (ghost town)

San Diego, Texas 78384

Santa Fe , Texas 77517

Tennessee Colony , Texas 75861

Washington, Texas 77880

Feel like traveling outside the country?

Don’t bother buying a plane ticket!

Athens, Texas 75751

Canadian , Texas 79014

China , Texas 77613

Egypt , Texas 77436

Holland, Texas 76534

India, Texas (post office closed 1904)

Kokomo, Texas (post office closed 1920)

London , Texas 76854

Mecca, Texas (post closed in 1907)

Moscow, Texas 75960

New London , Texas 75682

Paris , Texas 75460

Riviera, Texas 78379

Shanghai, Texas (ghost town)

Sweden, Texas 78653

Turkey , Texas 79261

Want to travel out of this world?

Universe, Texas (post office closed in 1936)

Utopia, Texas 78884

We even have a city named after our planet!

Earth , Texas 79031

And cities named after our State!

Lone Star, Texas 75668

Texas City , Texas 77590


Energy , Texas 76452

Need Office Supplies?

Staples , Texas 78670

Men are from Mars, woman are from

Venus , Texas 76084

You guessed it..it’s on the state line..

Texline , Texas 79087

For the kids..

Elmo , Texas 75118

Kermit , Texas 79745

Nemo , Texas 76070

Tarzan , Texas 79783

Winnie , Texas 77665

Other funny city names in Texas :

Beans Place, Texas (ghost town)

Beeville , Texas 78102

Big Stinking Creek, Texas (no post office)

Bigfoot , Texas 78005

Bobo, Texas (post office closed in 1898)

Buda , Texas 78610

Burning Bush, Texas (ghost town)

Cactus , Texas 79013

Catfish, Texas (post office closed in 1910)

Cheapside, Texas (ghost town)

Cut and Shoot, Texas 77303

Ding Dong, Texas (in Bell County, of course)

Eulogy, Texas (post office closed in 1912)

Fort Godbehere, Texas (ghost town)

Gasoline, Texas (ghost town)

Goosenneck, Texas (only thing left is a cemetary)

Granny’s Neck, Texas (deserted late 1800’s)

Gunbarrel, Texas 75147

Jot ‘Em Down, Texas (AKA Bagley)

Loco, Texas 79925

Mercedes , Texas 78570

Muleshoe, Texas 79347

Mutt and Jeff, Texas (ghost town)

Nixon , Texas 78140

Noodle, Texas (post office closed 1924)

Oatmeal, Texas 78605

Okra, Texas (population 20)

Pancake, Texas (post office closed in 1908)

Quail, Texas 79251

Quicksand, Texas (post office closed in 1871, only open for one month & holds state record)

Telephone , Texas 75488

Weeping Mary, Texas (community which was never incorporated)

Whiteface , Texas 79379

White Deer, Texas 79097

Who’d Thought It, Texas (ghost town)

Wink, Texas 79789

Wizard Wells, Texas (ghost town)

And last but not least.

The Anti-Al Gore City

Kilgore , Texas 75662


cassidy said...

haha wow those are the most random cities i have ever heard! My personal favorite is the kilgore city (the picture makes it even better). now they just need a cassidy, Texas!

Autumn Moses said...

Those are hillarious! Although, Makana you are the kind of woman who will be happy wherever you are! (The best kind of people in this world are happy ones!)

Summer Carlile said...

That is hilarious!

Elliott and Chanelle said...

Ha! That is too funny. I guess you gotta come up with some interesting names when you have such a gimormous state!

The Parrys said...

hahaha! thats awesome! i love the video below... its tooo dang cute! how fun that she is running around?

Tina said...

Love it!! I might have to steal this one for my blog as well so I can always remember it! Texas... what a glorious state indeed. Have you visited any of these cities?

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