Sunday, September 27, 2009


New Orleans: Pronounced "nawlins"
It was utterly delicious. And we did it in three days for a grand total of ... $450

Airfare on Southwest: $30 each way x2=$150
Airport parking: $18
Public Transportation there (there was a bus pick up right from the airport to downtown): $4
Hotel (from got a $119 a night for $50):$180. Breakfast included
3 day trolley pass: $30
Food (we used and got $25 for a discounted rate):$50
Souvenirs: $18
TOTAL: $450
That was pretty good if you ask me. I do want to point out that we did take Jaedyn with us... we rode public transportation and DID NOT take a stroller which was perfect. We just strapped her in our carrier.

I think I will list what we did and then post pictures. If you ever have the chance to go to Nawlins, take it. It was wonderful.

Canal Street Trolley Ride
Riverwalk Trolley ride
Dined at Cafe Du Monde twice and enjoyed the Beignet
Shopped in the French Market
Toured the French Quarter, The WW2 Museum, Garden District, St. Louis Cemetery, Lafayette Cemetery, Ursuline Convent, Loyola University, Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, walked down Bourbon Street,
Ate at a fancy jazz place called Shrimp, Steak&Lobster, ate a incredible bar called Turtle Bay, ate at Johnny Po-Boys (not that great).
The Famous St Charles Street Car

I love these silver guys!

We learned a lot of history during our three day trip. WW2, French Quarter Tour, childhood home of Payton Manning, but the highlight of my trip was this: (mckay and Jaedyn). I have to mention that Jaedyn managed to climb everything that was stairs or looked like stairs and this:
Creole Creamery. They have the CRAziSt Flavors (like Garlic-lime, Lime-Butter, Mexican Hot sauce)! And the best challenge. Eat thier $25 Sundae and get inducted to the hall of fame... it really is HUGE-O!


McKay Hansen said...

That first picture kind of looks like we are in front of the Magic Kingdom.

Summer Carlile said...

Makana you are looking super skinny!

Lexi said...

That's sooo cool you have a book Makana!! Yeah!! :) That looks like a lot of fun!! mm.. :)

Tina said...

I love the hat you are wearing. You can pull off any look Makana!!

A very fabulous trip, a cute family and now a published book? What are you going to do next missy?!?

I agree with McKay about the first picture looking like the magic kingdom. I'm glad you guys had fun.

JDizzle said...

Nawlins, kind of like lowvoole (louisville). We need to do a half btwn us trip one of these days.

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