Friday, September 18, 2009

One year ago

Hurricane Ike was the third worse hurricane that the US has experienced. Out local paper has been doing some "One year ago" pictures and I thought I would post one of them.

Last year this was us.
And one short year later.... here she is in her go-go boots and plaid skirt and Ralph Lauren Shirt.
Such a little Diva already
By way of follow up....
Sorry about the book being ready and then not being available. It should be done in the next 48 hours. And I am surely anticipating that. I wonder if I could throw a book party?? And... Jaed had recovered from falling off of the stage. Scary for me, traumatizing for her and lots of blood but other than that she is ok now. Thankfully.


Tina said...

That picture of the hurricane is a little scary to think about. I'm so grateful you guys were in the safety of the hospital when it hit.

Can't wait for the book and I'm so glad that Jaedyn is feeling better.
Poor thing.

I love how McKay thought the movie looks cool. I don't think I will ever get Tyler to admit that or even go with me to see it. Maybe we could have a girls night over Thanksgiving and we could go see it together... that's a fun thought.

Lexi said...

Holy Cow that Hurricane was crazy!! Wasn't that the day you had Jaedyn?

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Glad you gave us your blog address! You guys look like you have a lot of fun. I didn't know you had Jaedyn on the day Hurricane Ike hit-- wow! And she's absolutely adorable. We'll have to keep in touch through blogging-- this is great!

Stacie Johnson said...

Hey Makana, I saw your blog listed on Danielle's blog and when I checked yours out I found out you live in Houston (at least I think I derived that from your blog posts). Well- So do I. I just moved here a month ago with my husband. We are in the North Stake, where are you? You might not remember me- and that's ok... but check out my blog to see if that jogs your memory (Marysville, CA).

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