Saturday, September 18, 2010


--I just mark all the emails in my inbox as read. Even if they are not
--I put the toddler to bed without a bath. (Even when she has a bit of paint on her elbow... like tonight) ...but not before a healthy dinner of hot dogs, apples and ice cream.
--I just wear a hat instead of actually doing my hair or makeup. All week long.
--I am too busy (or lazy) to get gas so I wait until the light goes on. I tell myself its to get the "bad gas" all out.
--I spend the better part of a Saturday evening reading a book.

Go ahead. Confess. Promise you will feel so much better after.


Dave and Mandi said...

Makana, your posts always make me smile. I have way too many things to confess but thanks for sharing yours!! Also I am SO impressed with the superWHY party, how adorable! You are VERY talented!!

sarah tangataevaha said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Love you!

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