Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts on the Treadmill: Part IV (4)

Decisions. Crunchy Cheetos or Cheeto Puffs?

I will be running in a 5k. It is the Race for the Cure on Oct 2 in Houston. I have been training with my friend Awesome A and being early in the morning, it lends itself naturally to thinking time. This week I have been studying about Faith. And randomly started thinking about weaknesses. I blame it on Ether 12:28. I am not going to get into all of that right now since this is a public blog and I would like to have people continue to think highly of me. Although, you may not already. Or maybe you do. Oh well.

I love Cheetos. I always have. Maybe its the fake orange cheese stuff or that I never had junk food as a kid. We really don't have any in our house but I did get a bag of Cheetos for our trip a few weeks ago. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. That was probably a good thing. So one of my weaknesses is apparently Cheetos. Maybe if I eat enough of them I will get really sick and never want any ever again.

I don't think it will work. And here is why.  I love ice cream. I have been known to eat it three times a day. This is not when I am cycling or when I am pregnant. Its just normal.
 Edy's: Fun Flavors Drumstick Ice Cream, 1.5 QtAnd there it is. The favorite. Jon and I took care of it on all in one day. It was a good day. So, there you have it. I love Ice cream. I love Cheetos. I love my Family. Amen

PS- and I still hate the treadmill.


Angelica said...

Was that what you were thinking about the other morning? Haha!

Tina said...

I think we were twins in the pre-existence because I LOVE cheetos and ice cream too!! Come for a visit and we'll stuff our faces together!!!! Good luck with the race!! How fun.

marcia said...

Yes those are 2 of my weaknesses. I can never eat just one cheeto so I don't eat even eat 1. No self control. But I do indulge in the ice-cream.

Kelsi Hansen said...

Have I ever told you if I could live off of cheetos I would? I pretend like they are healthy because they are orange. Also Jaedyn's party looked fantastic. You truly are amazing.

Shelby said...

I think i could live off of ice cream. When asked my favorite food, I say ice cream.

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