Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why yes, I will be LIVE on the Radio.

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Two years ago. It's hard to believe it has been that long ago. And yet it seems like it wasn't very long ago at all.  It was two years ago that Hurricane Ike hit. We had been living in Houston for under 6 months. I remember watching the news and Ike made its path towards us. I was scared. I was also 9 months pregnant. Did we have everything? What if we could not get to the hospital? What if the roads were blocked?

The day before Ike met Houston, I went to the store. That is where the back is. I remember wondering to myself  "self, why is the parking lot full?" and then thinking "I am missing out a big sale!" The shelves were empty. The lines were long. "What in the world..."
The bank teller leaned in and said "isn't this crazy?!"
"Yes! What is going on?"  I asked. Completely convinced I am missing something.
"Everyone is stocking up for Ike."

"Oh." Why now? Its not like Hurricanes are Tsunamis. People know when they are coming. Ike has been on the radar for weeks! I bet everyone was on Facebook talking about the hurricane rather than stocking up.

Well, now the East Coast is seeing some (rad a lot) of Hurricane Earl. I feel for them Specifically the ones great with child. And also those who are not prepared. I wonder if it a coincidence that the last few Septembers have had hurricanes and September is National Preparedness Month. So, are you prepared?

If you are good for you. If not, well, not good for you. You should. Here are two places out of a million you can go. They are really informative though. I like them. The Totally Ready Blog and Prepared in Every Way. I will be joining Totally Ready on her new Radio on Tuesday Sept 21 at 8pm (CST). We will be discussing coupons and ways to save money. I fell very honored to be on this show. The week before, on Sept 14 will be Joyce Pierce. Author and one prepared woman. Be sure to listen in. And then give a standing ovation after.

Thank you and good night. (reference to that one guy on that one late night show)


the momma-kana said...

Isn't that hurricane HUGE!!! I can not believe it. We were in the hospital and when we came out (now as parents, it was breathtaking to see the power that this storm had. Everything had changed.

Tina said...

Wow!! So cool! You will do awesome on the radio show. You of all people should know how to be prepared. You are my inspiration!!

Matt Farley said...

I'll be listening for a shout out when you're on the air! :)

Matt and Angelica said...

You are so cool

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