Sunday, October 31, 2010


You are not reading me. Well, not live anyway. I just wanted to brag that I am on a cruise with my man, my Brazilian, and my sunshine. And it is wonderful. Actually, it is near perfect. If you have ever wanted your own Brazilian, you should get one. At least one. And I will leave it at that... for now at least


Tina said...

No way!!!!!! You guys are ALWAYS up to something fun!!
I do have my own Brazilian. Does it count that Tyler went to Brazil on his mission and I get him all to myself every day?!?

I was wondering what your plans were for Thanksgiving and if you wanted to come to our house this year? Let me know when you are home and rested! or call!!

kaysi fox said...

hahahahahaha, you make me laugh! umm i totally agree brazilian's are amazing, they are worth all of the pain! oh & way to rub it in that you are enjoying the warm sunshine!! ;) i cant wait to see pictures!!

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