Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday My Man

I love birthdays. I love the hubbs. So when it is HIS turn to be in the spotlight, well, I just can't help myself. He is not one to make a big deal about things... wait, I need to re-phrase that because if you get him to tell you how he proposed, it was quite the event. He doesn't like to be front and center. But a few times a year I get to put him there. And he looks so good along the way. :)

I won't bore you or be "that blogger that blabs about stuff I don't care about", even though I could... and do on occasion. But, I will say that I am fully aware that I have a really good life because of the hubbs being in it.

Raggy Andy for Halloween

 Monawillies waterfall hike on Oahu, for our Honeymoon. 

Nauvoo with the fam and MY oh so buff pioneer man

Family vaca. A little red and slanted but smiling all the way

And that's it folks. He has gorgeous eyes, is tall and tan-able, and has such a giving soul.  


The Parry Family said...

happy birthday to mckay!!

marcia said...

Ahh, Loved those pictures but then of course I'm the mom so I'm prejudice but who wouldn't think he's so extremely good looking!

Autumn Moses said...

Happy Birthday to the man who makes our Makana so happy!

Shelby said...

He is pretty tan-able haha and I like when you get post about Mckay too- he is quite a spectacular person.

Kelsi Hansen said...

That pioneer picture still gets me every time.. Both McKay and JD are such studs in that picture.

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