Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Did you know that every woman in the church can complete it? Or re-complete it? A lot has changed. You can do it here.
I have been working on this one: Its Knowledge

In your journal list talents you have and others you would like to develop. 
Read Matthew 25:14–30. Learn a new skill or talent that will help you care for your own 
future family or home (for example, playing the piano, singing, budgeting, time management, 
cooking, sewing, or child care). Share with your family, class, or Young Women leader 
what you have learned.

This sparked a lot of thought on may part. And I realized the ugly truth. I have so much to learn. I did make some changes in my life. So if you need a challenge for 2011... why not complete your own personal progress? And hopefully you will be met with less ugly truths than me.


Jennifer Kremer Oliva said...

I have been YW Pres for 3 years now and I have tried to get "older" YW to redo it.... Im super glad your doing it :)

Tina said...

Ya I can't wait. It's one of my goals actually. If you are a Y.W leader, you need to be in the program for at least a year and then you can start on your projects so I'm now to my one year mark and am reading the Book of Mormon for Virtue. My goal is to finish it before the babies come.
I can't wait to see how my life changes with the goals I'll be making and what I'll be learning. Can't wait to hear more about yours too.

Autumn Moses said...

What a fun idea!

Shelby said...

You know I was inspired awhile ago when I was a young women leaders to do this, but never did. So you just reminded me that I really should do it. Thank you are always inspire me Makana!

Liselle said...

i love this idea!! thanks for sharing!!

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