Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I already know that this post will not give our Trip to Utah  justice. Don't blame the messenger. Its 10:30p and I am not liking that my calendar is already full for January and Feb is well on its way. That means that our lovely, quiet, relaxing vacation is over. Can you get depression from vacations? I mean, coming back to vacations?
Our time in Utah was spent with family and friends. I am sure I should do more of a Chronological order of things but too bad. This will have to suffice. And I will add more pictures to this post next Sunday. Sunday is a good time to write right? (I am sure I am the only one laughing)
I have my journal and one for the toddler on top of this family one so that means I write a lot.

I did want to remember some funny things though:
Playing in the snow, falling off chairs, beards turned goatee, turned mustache..., Tan the Man farewell, Osmond joke during a play with our very own Osmond present, late-night movies and board games and popcorn, the toddler sleeping on the stairs, Temple session on Christmas Eve, fitting 10 people into a 8 person SUV, water-gun fight indoors. McKay lost. Family basketball, Princess party, ... i could go on and on...


Shelby said...

HAHA yes, yes what great things to remember. And how I miss you guys already. I love the pictures- you have such a great eye that really captures the moment love each one.
Ps I laughed... right

marcia said...

thanks for memories this Christmas. It was a blast! I sure miss you guys. I love the mamakana phrase. Jaedyn was so much fun. Cut picture of the cousins. I'm glad you got that.

Bemily said...

Oh my goodness. Your family is so cute! She's growing up so fast..

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