Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dear Child,

You don't "NEED THIS". You love to give me those big sad eyes and plead saying "I NEED THIS MOM!" I know you think you do. I mean, if I were a two year old who hourly is dancing around in a tutu with a tiara and sleeps in a Princess Bedroom, I would say that I need this too. But you don't. It's not a need. It 's a want. I promise.

And so let me tell you I love you. I love you so very much. And that is why I cannot bring myself to buy these EVERY TIME we walk into the store. Its silly. I probably should give in once in a while. But I can't.

Later you will thank me. Or I will tell you this all over again in therapy in 20 years. 


Autumn Moses said...

My new favorite is "Mommy, you are ruining my life!"

kiana said...

mama kana i NEED this. :)

just like i miss you and need you to visit me again. and yes that is a definite NEED

The Sapp's said...

Someday we will meet this little girl of yours, and when we do it will be such an exciting day! Sounds like she and AimeeLynn would get along very well. :)

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