Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Swapping with Shelby Osmond

Hey there! Well, you are about to meet a mighty fine lady folks. So have a seat and stay a while. Then head on over to her blog and enter win a really fab prize. It is guaranteed to make the top 5 of your favorite outfits list. So, without further ado, give it up for SHELBY!!!

ps-lets be sure to give her a warm welcome by leaving a comment here or there and/or following her blog. We wouldn't want to be rude would we? :) LOL

Hello! I'm Shelby from Just Because I Said 'I Do'  and I am honored to be swapping with Makana today and be on her cute blog!

Who am I, and why do you care? haha... 

well first off, I'm the wife to an amazing guy, his name is Brandon Osmond. I'm just a normal girl like everyone else, and when I married Brandon I was swept into a crazy lifestyle between fame and normality, which I am definitely not use to.  P.S. To help you understand what I'm talking about, his Dad is Donny Osmond - if you don't know who that is... I guess you could just google him (He's Justin Bieber's look alike) :) Sometimes my is thrown for a loop, but this is where I am and this is our story.  I do know one thing though... we do everything we can to make life fun! 

Anyway, enough about that. I recently became a mommy to the cutest little boy who woos me everyday with his cute face ... Its hard not have your heart melt everyday by the ones you love- if your a mom you understand, right? 

My blog is about our little family and we share bits and pieces of our day to day adventures here in Utah and the little things we love about life. There are times that I get to craft, or other time when I get to remodel our little home. But it's never promising since there is a cute little boy who calls my attention or falls and bonks his head just to tell me its time to pay attention to him again. Whatever the case, my blog is our life story with a few date ideas, gift ideas, crafts and just fun reading.

Here is a craft idea

 Me, flying a plane... look no hands!

The family...

The baby bump that changed my life even more :)

Before I go here are some fun post that some of my readers enjoy...

About a year and a half ago, when we found out we were pregnant, we had fun ways of telling both our families (here and here) about Daxton (our little boy) one of which was on national television... well maybe not... at least we tried. :)

Another thing:
I gave a quick tutorial of how to published or should I say 'pretend publish' your sweetheart.

I love to find new, cheap ways to decorate our place and here is our painted hutch, which I absolutely love.

after I just gave birth I ran my post-pregnant body all over the hills in a race called the dirty dash the name of it explains just what we did! Yes, yes it was dirty...

And to keep up the creativeness in our home- I found a way to make paper have that old-fashioned look... 

Anyway, I would love for you to stop by our blog. 

I find joy in finding other blogs and getting inspiration so make sure to leave a comment or follow so I can venture to your blog and find some inspiration. 

Thanks Makana again for this awesome opportunity to swap- its been great!


the momma-kana said...

yes she is married to BRANDON OSMOND. The very same that took our family pictures in Dec. You should have him take your too! And you gotta check out how she made that paper look old

Autumn Moses said...

Okay, can I just say that everytime I read a blog post or see one of Brandon's pictures it reminds me of my husband's mission. He taught this woman who runs the official osmond fansite. She would travel with the family, go to events, take pictures etc. She wasn't a member, but Andrew and his comp worked with her and she did end up joining the church. It's just funny what a small world it is and how we're all connected in so many different ways. :-)

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