Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Three things, maybe four and red lipstick

1) Pioneer Trek Prep
2) What to do with the toddler panty plastic thing
3) Old Hutch remodel
4)I heart red lipstick

Lemme just give a little shout out to all you who THINK you have a boring life. HOLLAH!!! :) In my often silly-and-failed attempts at trying to live a quote "exciting" life, I realized that every moment is what you make it. Not as one of those fortune cookie saying moments but rather in a Lightbulb moment (picture Gru: reference Despicable Me) I get it. I hardly ever get things that like. But I got this one. At least for now. I can't promise it will be the same tomorrow.
And now for your viewing pleasure;;;;;; (those means drumroll or something like that)

Tuna triangle. Basically cheese and tuna. But its in puff pastry. Everything is better in puff pastry. Example: Tuna
 One of my projects. I turned this old hutch (thanks Club Larsen) into an art center. I added the cork board, painted it, (the hutch and cork) and got some nifty chalkboard paint. This was done 12 months ago but I never bragged about. Here is me bragging. Note: I made the toddler as well... with help of course. Tutu made by Tia Tia
I am just full of good ideas! See? Since we are potty training, I have some of these and knew there was a purpose aside from holding Ariel Underwear. Add a Color-wonder mini book and pens. Now I have a purse size bag of fun that wont get lost in my bottomless bag! Thank you panty-bag

  In a few short weeks I will be on the trek with these folks as a photographer/assistant. Me=Happy
 Im not her. I want to be. At least her lips. And her mad camera skills. But I can't. So I copy. I heart red lipstick. The hubby not so much. Red lipstick... not the hubby. I hope that is clear as mud


marcia said...

ok I love that idea for the art center. I wish I had thought of that with my old hutch years ago. Brilliant and looks cute. I want to try the pastry puff. Looks good and easy. Your trek looks fun, especially to be the camera gal. You'll be awesome.

Shelby&BrandonOsmond said...

Okay SO funny, I just found that girls blog as well and red that post on Howdoesshe? about red lipstick and thought I wanna try. You pull it off love it. And also m my hubbs thinks a double no on the redstick...

rad6 said...

thanks for your comment... but even more, I love that it brought me too your blog, which I havent visited in ages, and you are amazing. I love your hutch, but even more the toddler that "you made" -- I got to be trek photographer a few years ago too.... LOVED it... made a pioneer bag cover for my camera case... etc... it was all great. LOVED TREK, have fun!
You're awesomeness!
Love the Tia tutu too!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

I agree with mom.. the hutch, what a genius idea. And I'd have to say you have the best part in the trek. I too love Red lipstick, it's so fun and you look smokin hot

Liselle said...

LOL you crack me up. and you so have a right to brag.. thats awesome!

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