Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome... I WON! again and again!

I know! Can you believe it? I can't. But since things happen in three's I am sure that ends my lucky streak. But boy did I enjoy it. A dozen cupcakes from Treat!

1) having a zit right on my browline. It hurt. And wondering how long it was there
2) then having one right on the top of my lip. It hurt too
3) Having people over to play games only to realize that the smelly trash scent did not go away in time for company.
4) Making Easter Bunny Cupcakes for a silent/live auction. They didn't go for that much and I would have rather given them away in the first place
5) returning my very overdue library books. Yes ma'am, I know they are two weeks late. No ma'am, I do not have a good reason.
6) letting my daughter play at the park wearing her boots and only a pull-up. Yes, I am a little white trash and I used to swim in irrigation canals.

..... note: she WAS in clothes but being that we are potty training, she had an accident. I was not about to take her from the park when we had JUST gotten there. And, no on else was around. And it was only the park at the sub-division.

1) Getting an incredible baby boy gift set at said silent auction for $5. Worth at least $30
2) Having family come in town for Easter.
3) Ridding my closet of all unwanted or unused in the last 6 months.
4) Going to the park every day
5) Listening to the Tangled Healing song in the car. And then hearing "don't freak out Flynn!!" being screamed out from the backseat. Thank you 2.5 year old child of mine
6) wearing my trashy shorts to a store only to realize that they actually sell the same style. Justified!


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

I have a zit on my brow line too which is biggie a big pain, so, yes I think we can still be friend even if you don't like coffee, lol. Thanks for the comment, you are too sweet!! I'd be happy to do a guest post...although sometime after May haha. How am I ever going to start to study for finals when I want to start wedding planning!! lol :)

Young People in Love said...

wow three times in a row?!?!?! lucky ducky!

also. apparently you know meg harris flager? we're oregon buddies :)

Ruby Girl said...

cuuuute :) love the library books comment hhahaha <3

Lori and Brian Faulconer said...

Um....does the baby boy gift set mean anything? PLUS, don't you watch "What not to Wear"? Stacy and Clinton don't approve of justifying bad fashion choices just because you can find them in stores. I believe I remember a quote something like: "you can get meatball covered pajama pants at a store...doesn't mean they belong on your body in public!" j/k...I'm sure your shorts weren't that bad.

Katie said...

You have such a beautiful family! I'm so happy you stumbled upon my blog. Yours is great, I love it! :)


Abi P. said...

wow! you have the greatest luck! that's awesome! i am so guilty of turning in late library books..and coming up with the besssst excuses ;) hehe.

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