Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kiki Creates... kiki rocks!

A few months ago my totally single and hot and very much the gentleman 25 year old brother said "have you seen Kiki Creates?"

Uhm, nope.

So I went and checked her out and I think I love her. I think that I want to be re-incarnated as her in my next life.

And creative Kiki Creates is doing a really FAB giveaway that I want to sin just oh so badly. And so I am telling you because when you see it you will want to win too.

I call Dibbs.


kiki comin said...

You are the cutest thing ever! and your BROTHER introduced you to kiki creates??!!..that's AWESOME!:) tell him thanks.:)

Kelsi Hansen said...

I thought I was the one you always wanted to be re-incarnated to be! Looks like I've got work to do to put myself back on top of that list.

marcia said...

she's almost as creative as you Makana

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