Friday, April 08, 2011

my house threw-up and ate my husbands BYU shirt

Sometimes I just am not good at cleaning up. Other times I am just amazing at everything.  Most of the time I am somewhere in between. And in this land of in-between is where I am not too terribly stressed or worried and it is a beautiful land of creativity. (Read: copying other creativity)

So rather than a lot of little posts that I will HATE editing into one page when I publish this blog, I am doing one big one.

First, remember how I won something? Well here they are!

The two above and the one below. BTW, what are your thoughts on that photo treatment?
what about these two?

I am trying to see what I (you) like most
Ok so then I made the Fabric Flower Rosettes. I am going to have our RS make them in May

and these....

Want to know How I did it? Well keep reading folks!
here it is. I am pretty timely huh? :)
First step: Find stuff like an old necklace in your daughters dress up box, old t-shorts, scrap buttons and fabric. Then put them all in a pile and take a picture in almost all darkness. :) 
The doily. I forgot. This is the backing for your flower bib necklace

and if you need more scraps, use an old t-shirt. Preferably NOT the hubbs BYU shirt that he loves that got put in the Goodwill pile. And if it does happen to you, ASK first. I was (am) in the dog house. Please Santa, (or family or friends or random strangers) bring me some BYU shirts EARLY!!!

Tie a knot, 

and twist and twist and glue and glue (the fabric, not your skin and PLEASE folks, do yourself a favor and STAY WAY from the HOT TEMP glue guns)

Voila! A fabric flower in 5 minutes. Glue all of your flowers to your doily and add ribbon and then put on a cute new shirt and take a picture!

......and then make this to apologize to the hubbs for ruining his favorite BYU shirt that really was in the Goodwill pile. I am NOT that vengeful!

(this was our attempt at keeping something on us at all times or by the bed so we can write down any inspiration we receive so we.. meaning I, do not forget it.) We are really trying to act upon the good thoughts we have and be better at friend-shipping and family-shipping.

One last post....
this is from one of my favorite ladies Kiki. It is made by eighteen25
The toddler took a pack to school for her teacher and they were a HIT!


Shelby&BrandonOsmond said...

Umm your necklaces are far better than mine. I think you should make me one. I like the bib one alot (wink :)) And I like the bottom two photo edits of J.

Jaclyn said...

Makana... Your daughter is gorgeous!! You need to get her into modeling APAP!!! Cute crafts. Lets get together soon :)

marcia said...

I love those necklaces. Your ward is lucky to have you. Way cute! I love the pictures of Jaedyn all of them. I don't have a favorite. You're a great photographer and she's beautiful.
Great idea to have a notebook to write thoughts down. Sorry Mckay about the shirt I have an extra large one you can have... oh wait you gave that one back... but we still have it if you change your mind and I could sew up the sides to make it fit.

the momma-kana said...

Shelby, lets swap!

Kelsi Hansen said...

I love those pictures of Jeadyn! What a beautiful girl she is. And those headbands are fantastic. Also love the necklaces! You are talented.

Bemily said...

You are so talented and full of amazing ideas!
Your flower necklace turned out perfect! (I think I need to make myself one.. :)

Could Jaed be any more BEAUTIFUL?! I like the lighting of the two pics.
Oh Makana, I miss you and our Orange slurpy/taco nights.

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