Saturday, May 07, 2011

please don't kill faries

My friend and family relation Elisabeth once said something like: Don't be a fairy killer
That is really good advice I'd say. 
cause fairies are awfully cute. 
and killing is just plain against the 10 commandments

One way you can avoid to be a mass murderer is to just leave a little comment-love. K?
It seems that there are lots of people who tell me "I love your blog" or "That was such a funny post" and even " I can't believe you haven't won every single award on earth because you are so talented!!!"
ok, maybe not the last statement but I won't say either way. :)

So, just leave a little love and save a fairy. mmmkay?
and side's, we will be better friends for it.
pinky promise


marcia said...

Ahh love the little Jaedyn fairy. Is she changing from princess to fairy now? I'm counting the days till you come to Utah.

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by :) Cute blog! What a cute little fairy too :) ~Rachel from Distinct.Style

Kelsi Hansen said...

I do believe in fairies, I do! I Do!

Vivian said...

Well I'd have to say I really mean it: You are just too cute and somehow we must be in Fairy mode..see why:
That explains maybe why we were supposed to find each other in blog land ;)
Have a great weekend and happy mother's day!

Mitchell4 said...

The link to Elder Eyerings talk was the perfect way to finish the day. Thanks for sharing.
Fairies are indeed very cute. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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