Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Embrace the Camera

I wanted to share some of my favorite linkups this week. Could you tell?
If you never have visited, you should. This little momma is 30 with 5 kidlets and one on the way. Talk about SUPER MOM!! Her link up is to get us mommas out from BEHIND the camera and EMBRACE the camera. I am often the one taking the pictures so this link up helps me to make sure I am in some of them. 

This is my toddler and I  on the Alpine Slide in Park City , UT
 Just all three of us being a bit silly on a hike. 
notice my awesome jeans. I love them. Until I washed and dried them. Then the back of them got all bally and started coming apart! Boo Boo Rue 21. Lesson learned. Never dry cheap jeans. 

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