Sunday, January 01, 2012

365 day project

Oh New Year Resolutions...
... what would my life be without you? Probably guilt free :)

Actually, this year we (meaning the hubbs and I, not just me) sat down and made some really good goals/bucket lists for 2012. One of mine is the 365 day project. Yep, it is what it sounds like. A picture every day for a year.

Recently I took some photos I was not happy happy with. In fact, I was quite embarrassed at how grainy and dark they came out. I was shocked beyond shocked... so, really shocked. I really want to learn more about how my camera works. I also realized that I take lots of pictures of other people. Not so much of my own family. Think: The plumber who won't fin his own toilet. That would about sum it up.

This is is going to be a big one. I just don't want to miss a thing. Here is to 2012 and all of its promises.
The toddler and her first day of Primary. 
Oh my little Sunbeam! 
Sporting her new CTR ring

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