Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sometimes I take too many pictures

And they sit.
      On my desktop.
             Or in my camera.
I guess we can be thankful that Feb is is not a very long month. We have loved being loved, bubbles, silly string fights, sandcastles, playing dress-up, getting bigger... uhm... pretty much everywhere.

And I am glad Feb is over. Because March means babe #2. And not getting bigger. And lots of kisses and snuggles and more sleepless nights and that newborn baby smell.

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{top LtoR}
Made me a camera strap
Silly String fight when Daddy got home
Hand to heart art from preschool
my big fat not greek tummy
Homemade diaper case completed
Shoes for the little man
Visit from Uncle Daniel
Cupcake wreath for door
Mason and one of his many dinos
A date.
A time
My incredible cake made by Linsey
center: Toddler and GG. AKA: Cinderella and Snow White

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