Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

In church on Sunday one of the speakers addressed the importance of Memorial Day and remembering those who have given their lives for my freedom. He himself(the speaker) is a veteran and it was truly moving to have him recount the losses he dealt with. My dear friend Karie has a video she made. We watched it for Family Night on Monday. Take a few minutes to watch it please.

We did have a wonderful Memorial Day and I felt so very blessed to be able to spend it with my family. Safe. By my side. What a real honor it is to be a wife and mother and American.

We kicked off the weekend with the Toddlers Preschool recognition from K2 Academy
walking to the "stage" aka: tumble track. Each student got to jump across it rather than walk on a formal stage
she loves the rope swing as much as the tumble track... maybe more

Her teacher and my dear friend Rene. She has been teaching her for the past 2 years. 
We sacrificed sleeping in to pick berries... not that much sleeping in actually takes place around here. So we headed out to pick our very own blueberries and sneak in some kisses too. {blush}. The Lord blessed Texas with some perfect weather. We finished up the day with hanging out at the YMCA pool, playing tennis, watching a few Mission Impossible Movies (yes, more than one) and not cooking! (pizza night)
the blueberries were only $3/lbs! 

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