Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun with family and friends that are like family

We were SO LUCKY to get to spend the Fourth of July weekend with the Knudsens. They came down from Dallas for a hoppin' good time at the beach. So, we headed to Surfside for a fun day at the beach

Thank you Tina for taking all the photos. As the hubby says... if there are no photos... then it didn't happen

These past 5 weeks we have been so blessed to have J's "second mom" and "faux-sister" in Houston. We have loved spending time with the Sanchez Family. She is also the talent who took our family photos this past winter. We swam every week, visited museums, had picnics, swam some more, watched summer movies for free, dressed up like cows, and went to the dog show.

Being the very mature person I am, I said good bye and am doing great.... NOT! I cried saying bye and pretty much gave hugs all around and ran out the door to the privacy of my car. I know, Im a baby. But I was glad to have Crave Vanilla Cupcakes to comfort me.

they wish they were sisters
a real mummy

we spent a week this summer learning all about Egypt in anticipation of this exhibit. 

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