Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fun Packed Weekend

We have had a really great time as a family recently. I mean, we usually do, but last weekend was especially fun filled.

We went to Chalk the Block with our little preschool co-op and scored some treats from Blickenstaffs. (The Hubbys has nicknamed it "Makana's favorite store"), and then WENT BACK and met up with a darling old friend of mine Tami and her family for a family event... also filled with candy from Blickenstaffs.

she is drawing the Book of Mormon

I REALLY REALLY want this game.... Santa?

the free horse to ride

Saturday we spent at the Opening Social and boy oh boy, were we soaking up every bit of fun there was to be had there.

Since coming back we have had a great time getting back into the full swing of school, feeding the ducks, picnicking with friends, and enjoying family time.

Did I mention I was asked to teach a class on "Family Fun on a budget", yep, me. Oh boy... wish me luck!


makana hansen said...

It looks like your family is having a fabulous fall. I love the updates! Miss you guys!

makana hansen said...

Looks like a fire truck! Did that bring back memories Mckay? Shae still talks about your bday party when I got the firetruck to come to everyone she meets. Maybe your kids will do the same when they are in their 30's. :) I love that store too. So lucky to have it close by you.

makana hansen said...

Dang you are always doing such fun things! Way to make the most of all the things going on around you.

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