Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BYU MBA Family 5k

We love our time we have been blessed to spend in the MBA program here at BYU. Not only is it a top notch program, it is in a beautiful location and we sorta have a lot of fun. Like, all of the time.

Recently, we ran in the 5k race. By we, I am referring to me running ahead at the hubby's encouragement while he pushed/walked/jogged with our stroller and less-than-happy little guy and FREEZING darling daughter. (it was only chilly in the shade)

Go Go Go!!! 
The were prizes for the top three finishers for men, women.. and strollers. :) Gotta love BYU! 


makana hansen said...

You guys cease to amaze me with your outings And activities. Glad your having so much fun.

makana hansen said...

I love how you guys are always doing such fun stuff together!! Wish we loved closer so we could join in on the fun. :) By the way, I finally figured out how to leave comments...through my phone...for some reason, it won't let me from my computer. Miss you guys!!

makana hansen said...

They really do treat you guys well with so many fun activities. Glad you are so blessed with fun times.

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