Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jakers Pumpkin Patch in 26 photos

This past week we headed to Jakers Pumpkin Patch... twice! The first time we went as part of MBASA for a Family Activity. We were so blessed to have Cassidy and Calvin with us. The VERY NEXT DAY we went again, right when it opened, with McKay. We had such a blast both times.

have you figuired out this little guy LOVES animals??!!

my rule for pumpkins is that the kids have be able to carry it themselves... 

How did Cassidy and I not get a picture together???!!! Grrrrr!!!!

we LOVED our morning with Daddy! 
The three pictures below are ones that J took. She is getting pretty good with my camera

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makana hansen said...

So much fun! I love all of these pictures Makana. Way to capture such fun moments. I went to this pumpkin patch yesterday, and was shocked that some of the kids were jumping from such high heights into the corn.

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