Thursday, November 07, 2013

Halloween weekend 2013: Party, pinners conference, half marathon and california

What is it about Halloween that makes it so fun!?? Seriously, we had a blast this year.
Who wouldn't have fun dressed as Ms. Marvel, Baby Hulk, Capt. America and Spidergirl?
(I already have next years family costume ready to go)

We were so blessed to be part of a MBA Family (MBASA) Hallween Party this year. There was yummy chili and mac&cheese, fun games, trick or treat ally, pie "eating" contest and a costume contest. There was over 300 people there and i walked away after just feeling like the night could not have gone better. 

That was on Thursday. 
On Friday I went to a blogging Conference: Pinners
I was able to be with Brenda Bird Designs and Twist me Pretty
I got to see Maskcara and Kristin Wilkerson and many others
I have never been to one of these things before and I think I am hooked. 
Once again, I walked away feeling so good and with a whole new perspective and new goals

that is where chocolate comes from

It may not look fun to you but do not doubt me on this. It was a blast
On Saturday I woke up early and donned a white tutu skirt and a polka-dot top. 
I completed my first Half Marathon in 2hrs and 7min. 
I am really looking forward to doing at least one more before we say goodbye to Utah 
Cruella DeVille and 101 dalmations

My sister flew in from Manila to Sacramento for a week so naturally we went out to visit. Its like she is Santa and I am a little girl. She brought lots of goodies and all of us (minus my Hawaii mom and Houston sister)  enjoyed a few bon fires, movies, shopping, eating out and laughing until we cried. 
Best. day. ever

More to come... 
I am due for a lot of catch-up with this blog and my other journals. 
Stay tuned... I got some deep stuff coming your way you would be so sad to miss. 

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makana hansen said...

love those costumes and the MBA party sounds amazing although the trick or treating in the sunny weather looks even better. Way to go with your half marathon and getting such a great time. Love your coordinating costumes.Glad you could have a week to visit family.

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