Friday, November 29, 2013

INSTAfun in November

This was just my second time spending Thanksgiving in Utah. I am grateful I did. We have had a really great November and as it seems to go, I captured moments our lives on IG. I really need to be better about taking out my Nikon more... 
do you know that is? Can you find McKay?

We have reason to rejoice this month. 

We are grateful for God and Christ, for BYU and health. 
thanks Shrek and the minions for rounding these fellas up

We are grateful for a living Prophet, our car, food storage and technology
naughty dinos broke Jaedy's hand-painted plate

We are grateful for Grandparents, scooters, siblings, pomegranates and persimmons
Keo and his birthday buddy, Eliza

We are grateful for facetime, cousins, angels, books, full time offers, family reunions and kisses
fun at Sundance

We are grateful for dogs, leaves, playdates, last minute girls night outs, date night swaps, and the Temple
Thankful 13 half-marathon/5k. We did the 5k

Thank you to our ancestors, our servicemen, and the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives this year. 
nothing beats kisses from this little guy


makana hansen said...

I love seeing all the fun memories your darling family is having. Love all the things on the grateful list. Also love your posts before. Your a great example.

makana hansen said...

Those are great things you thought of to be thankful that I sometimes take for granted. I love this dinosaur thing you are doing with Jaedyn. So funny.

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