Sunday, January 05, 2014

Our Christmas Break

It has been heavenly! Anyone with a spouse in school knows that it can be rough. These past 18 months have been really wonderful. However, since the hubbs is so involved (which I highly encourage every student to do), he is often gone more than when he was working full time. However,  let me just say here that I wouldn't change one bit of it.

So our 21 day Christmas break was really a treat. And one I didn't even realize we needed. It was filled with friends and family and a few visits from the cold and flu bug.

Jaedyn has been learning to ski... thanks to her daddy. This momma has no idea what skii's look like
Keo has been playing non-stop with his Monsters inc and Mr. Potato heads.
And they both have been learning ASL.

We decorated candy houses, saw the lights in Salt Lake, enjoyed the Temple, played lots of games, saw the Carl Bloch exhibit, watched fireworks, took naps, swam, and gave service. Thank you family for spoiling us with love and food and gifts and fun!

And we made it to 11pm for new year


Kelsi said...

So much fun to be able to hang out with you all! You sure make things more fun.

Kim Kendall said...

Looks like you had a snowy Christmas. I remember when my two were little they also made gingerbread houses. Such fun and was also a yummy activity.

Marcia Hansen said...

What a wonderful time we had despite the sickness. Thanks for all you did to make it fun.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

I've loved every Minute we had to spend with you guys. Such a fun happy family

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