Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am in a photography club. Its really good for me and my relationship with my camera. I have two assignments due this week and so, with the kiddos in bed, I set out to complete them.

Then I got distracted.

By editing in photoshop pictures I had forgot about I had took in Oct.

So, while I may not have completed my assignment, I did experiment with some different editing techniques.

I ended up staying at the Salt Flats for almost an hour just snapping away and enjoying the discovery of my children. I have been learning to really love that part of being a parent. Sometimes I just say that because I should. But on that day, I meant it. 


Kim Kendall said...

Wonderful pictures, Makana. That little boy of yours sure has gotten big and seems all boy. And, of course, your little girl is a growing beauty. Love her dressing style. Reminds me of my own little girls when they were growing up on the Northern California coast. You and your family have a funtastic St. Valentines Day.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Beautiful photos. You are becoming a great photographer.

Marcia Hansen said...

wow those are really great pictures Makana. I'm impressed. I love the angles and the sky in picture with Keo. Amazing!

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