Saturday, March 08, 2014

Happy birthday Keo

Happy birthday to my little man
He is a lover of kisses, lollipops, Monsters Inc and falling down. 
Well, he doesn't like to fall down but he does love to run and climb ride so falling down has come to be somewhat of hourly event. 
He gives the sweetest prayers, loves baby signing time and usually can be found tackling Jaedyn


Kim Kendall said...

He is such a cutie and definitely ALL boy. Happy Birthday, Keo. Hope you have a great day.

McCally said...

Such a Cute kiddo! I'm sad I didn't get to play with him more while we were in town. He is so so cute though and I hope he had a wonderful birthday!!! Love you KEO!

Marcia Hansen said...

This is late but how I love that boy! Such a doll and I love that picture.

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