Monday, September 29, 2014

Two month old: blessing day and fun with hats

Its hard to believe that two months has come and gone! This weekend we took some photos. The babies were blessed and it was just a really special time. I feel like these past two month have been a slice of heaven on earth.

 My sister Lei made those fun hats! My cousins Amy and Margaret made the ones below

 my sweet girls


Marcia Hansen said...

I love these pictures. It's so fun to see the cute smiles. That's the part I love when they get this age is the smiles. Your mom did an amazing job on the dresses. I'm so impressed. And my goodness Makana you are so skinny already. Lookin good.

ShelbyandBrandon Osmond said...

WHAT!!! They are holding up their heads! I'm so sad, stop growing. But it looks like they are super healthy so that is a positive. :) And you look gorgeous, especially love your lipstick. Beautiful color on you.

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