Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Awkward and Awesome

In my goal to re-claim that girl I was, I am reintroducing the Awkward and Awesome.. for your reading enjoyment here are my favorites from the past little bit:

1. Walking out the back and seeing that my old man neighbor is wearing a shirt... JUST a shirt.
2. We are potty training over here (much to my objection actually). Took my little guy to the bathroom and after I am done, he says "good job mommy, good job pooping"....
3. My friend pointing out that the liner to one of our car seats has poop in it. And I'm pretty sure its a few days old. Hmmm... so that's where that smell was coming from.
4. I can't even count the times I have been to the gym and realize that I did not brush my teeth. To my credit, we go 4-5x a week at 8:30a and I have to get 4 little ones PLUS myself ready and out the door. My deepest apologies to whoever talks to me. At least I remember deodorant....
5. Trying to order a giro and shwarma. For some CRAzY reason, my mouth keeps saying Flaffle and Shwarma. It. was. ridiculous.
6. Keo smashing his mac n cheese then butter into the rug. AFTER painting it and the white wall purple. I later found him half-face- painted in Destitin and smelling awfully like my powder fresh secret deodorant. Yes... this was all on the same day and within and hour.

1. I'm 7 for 7 in waking up early to read my scriptures AND getting ready for the day. that includes hair and make up. I know!!! hold your applause please.
2. Look whose blogging again?!
3. I'm finally enjoying homeschooling my 6 yr old. Its only taken me 3 month to get to this place
4. I've made it down to 150lbs. Its been hard but I'm getting there. Only 30lbs to go... ugh
5. Signed up for a 10k. Its in 6 months. Doing a 5k at Thanksgiving then hopefully training for a Tri with McKay for the early summer time.
6. Just the fact that my phone is still working as I type this is pretty awesome. Dear Christmas, please come quick


Marcia Hansen said...

wow I am impressed. Especially with No. 1 awesome. I don't know how you do it even doing your hair and make up. I'm excited to hear how you do in all your races. You don't seem like you need to lose 30lbs. Are you sure because I think you look great. Sure love to hear all the crazy Keo stories. Love that boy. *sounds like a great neighbor.:0

Tina said...

I'm amazed by all you do Makana!! Seriously you are a go getter. I was just looking at your family Halloween picture and thinking that you are one hot mama with those high heels and cute outfit. Don't measure yourself by what the scale says. You have a light about you that no one can look away from. You are beautiful!!!! Good luck on your races. I just ran a 10 K about a month ago, then ran a 5K and a 10K back to back a week ago and now am training for a half marathon. You'll have to definitely keep me posted on all your races. How fun!!!!

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